Customized Floorplan based on your inventory

Working with Suppliers

The Supplier-Distributor partnership is a delicate balance of "give and take". With more than 20 years of experience in the industrial wholesale industry we understand the nature of the relationship and the importance of business metrics for both parties. ID Merchandising will manage the project, working with Distributors and Suppliers to make sure the agreed upon plan is put in place so both parties discover new opportunities for additional sales and profit.

Are you a Supplier needing to create a Plan-o-gram for your Product Line?

A plan-o-gram is a "road map" for displaying products. A plan-o-gram will ensure that the displayed products look organized and inviting and the distributor achieves the highest profitability per square foot. In addition, a well thought out plan-o-gram will take up less space and hold more SKU's than randomly hanging product wherever it will fit.

By offering an organized system to display your products, you are giving your customer the best chance to successfully sell your products. ID Merchandising can manage your plan-o-gram program from start to finish, including: